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The Sourcing Department

Business Description

I am proud to introduce to you The Sourcing Department. After 20 years of working with and in China, I saw all of the problems that buyers were having with their orders. (I learned by doing and there was a high price to this education). So now The Sourcing Department is going to save you all of the frustrations, hardships and economic losses. Building relationships and your bottom line.
Consistent production of high quality products in China requires strong manufacturing experience along with knowledge and understanding of the culture. The Sourcing Department is blessed with highly experienced management in overseas manufacturing and production.
Excellent communications in critical in offshore production. The Sourcing Department is staffed with associates in China and the USA who are fluent in both Chinese and English.
The Sourcing Department has the experience in manufacturing that gives us the capability of assisting our customers in a diverse field of products and inspection services.
Products we specialize in: Hunting and Fishing Products, Outdoor Apparel,
Promotional Products, Flooring, Underlayment,
After - market Auto Parts and Accessories
Building Products
Services we specialize in: Third Party Inspections - Quality Control and supervise delivery timing to your specifications.
According to our experience, it is the attention to details that our customers often overlook. The product is right, but there is misprint on the box or the pallets are broken, etc. Unlike other inspection companies, we are very detail oriented in all aspects of the process and not just the product itself. We make sure that what you paid for is what you receive.

We want your business!
Ben Reynolds
The Sourcing Department


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